Workshops & Lectures Workshop-Breads of the Mikdash

Workshop-Breads of the Mikdash

The hands-on workshop includes actual baking of the Shtei Halechem (Two Loaves), Korban Toda (Thanksgiving) and Lechem Hapanim (Showbread) using authentic ingredients, methods and utensils, with a thorough explanation of the ingredients, methods and symbolism of all the breads. A rare peek into actual ancient Temple Service. Accompanied by life size models of the Table and baking utensils.

Type of activity: Hands-on workshop

Length of lecture:  3 hours

Applicable to: Families, Schools, Yeshivas, Ulpanas, Seminars, Synagogues, study groups, employee outings, community centers, bar/bat mitzvahs etc..

Size of group: up to 30 people.

Where: We conduct this workshop only at our Institute.


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Machon Lechem Hapanim
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