Showbread Institute, Smile for Life is a non-profit organization (Israel NPO number R.A. 580713683)

Your generous (tax deductible) donation will help fund continuing research of the Showbread. With the grace of G-d and your generosity, we have made many amazing, breakthrough discoveries about the Showbread, but the road is long and we have barely scratched the surface. The high costs of the research and publication of the findings are funded by donations.

Your generous (tax deductible) donation will also help us practically apply the teachings of the Showbread through our charity organization -

Smile For Life                

One of the most monumental discoveries we made during our research is that there is an intricate link between the Showbread and a smile! In fact the Showbread is the first known iconic depiction of a smile in history, even predating the Hittite "smiling pot".

Since the Showbread is a symbol of G-d's blessing of material abundance and income/livelihood, we set out to discover how the two were connected. This ongoing research led us to explore the realms of psychology, physiology, economics and statistics and to our amazement there is an umbilical connection between a simple smile and true wealth.

This revelation was a Eureka moment for us because we realized that the Showbread was not simply a research study confined to the ivory towers of academia, but something that has practical implications and a powerful life lesson, especially today in modern society.

We decided to apply this lesson by opening Smile For Life, a charitable organization whose primary purpose is to enable people who have forgotten how - to smile again, using the teachings of the Showbread and applying them in a practical way.


Smile For Life has two main purposes -

A. Free dental implant treatment

This service is available for children and young adults up to age of 25 from low income families, who have lost their front permanent teeth for whatever reason and have forgotten how to smile. The families of these children cannot afford the high cost of dental implants. We pair them with a dental surgeon who specializes in implants and fully fund the treatment. The average cost of an implant for one tooth is around $2000.

The psychological trauma to a child who is afraid to smile for fear of ridicule is something that will scar him/her for life. Enabling this child to smile again without reservation is like a rebirth!

B. Coaching for adults who are struggling with livelihood

Life has its ups and downs and when you are experiencing a down, it seems like the whole world is against you and whatever you try, nothing will go right. People who are struggling to provide for their families grapple each day with myriad stress related issues, trying to keep their marriage intact, protect and shield their children, depression, humiliation etc. This can result in a dangerous spiral that even for talented, highly educated people often results in disaster and tragedy. These people are barely managing to survive, let alone smile. Corona has exacerbated this situation and many, many families who never had to struggle before with income have been left devastated. We are swamped with requests for help and desperately trying to keep up.

Smile For Life provides free mentoring and coaching for adults - singles or couples, to halt this out-of-control spiral. We team them with our multidisciplinary team of coaches, counsellors, financial advisors, psychologists and lawyers to help  them get their lives back on track and start smiling again. Smile For Life funds the entire process. The average cost per case is around $4000.

Giving someone the tools and ability to fend for themselves and make an income on their own is the highest form of charity.


Your generous (tax deductible) donation will go a long way to spreading more light and smiles in the darkness. Each person we save with your help is tantamount to saving an entire world.


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