Workshops & Lectures Lecture-Dancing Ships and Punts

Lecture-Dancing Ships and Punts

What was the shape of the Showbread? In the Talmud, Tractate Menahot (94b) there is a famous debate between Rebi Hanina and Rebi Yohanan regarding the shape of the Showbread. It mostly pertains to geometry, but not solely. There are deeper, mystic implications for the shape of the Showbread and also practical considerations for actually baking the loaves. An in-depth study of this topic in the Talmud and later commentators, revealing ancient manuscripts, archeological findings and experimental data from the laboratory in the Showbread Institute actually baking these breads.

Type of activity: Lecture accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation (on Shabbat, accompanied by printed pages).

Length of lecture:  90 minutes

Applicable to: Yeshivas, Ulpanas, Seminars, Synagogues, study groups, employee outings, community centers, etc..

Size of group: As required

Where: We conduct this lecture at our Institute or at any venue of your choosing.

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